6 Women With Disabilities Who Made History

Serving as the junior U.S. Senator from Illinois since 2017, Tammy Duckworth has made a name for herself with a number of firsts as a double amputee.

Jillian Mercado is one of the first-ever signed models with a physical disability.

Judy Heumann now works for the State Department as a special advisor for international disability rights.

Stella Young took over the media trying to normalize disability and even did a TEDx talk in 2014 called “I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much.”

Claudia Gordon is making changes in Washington, D.C., and is working with former President Obama to solve national disability issues. She is the first black deaf lawyer in America.

The trauma of being raped and thinking she caused her abuser’s death caused Dr. Maya Angelou to develop selective mutism for five years.

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