White House Weddings Over the Years

By Delilah Gray 

With a property as grand as the White House, there’s bound to be a lot happening. 

From lavish Christmas celebrations to huge meetings, the White House has been an epicenter of extravagant events — including weddings. 

On April 4, 2022, Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden tweeted that she and her fiancé Peter Neal will get married, making them the nineteenth couple to do so.

Keep reading for more couples who have tied the know at the White House. 

1874: Nellie Grant  & Algernon Sartoris

1906: Alice Lee Roosevelt  & Nicholas Longworth

1914: Eleanor Randolph Wilson & Gibbs McAdoo

1967: Lynda Bird Johnson  & Chuck Robb

1971: Tricia Nixon  & Edward Finch Cox

2008: Jenna Bush  & Henry Hager

2013: Pete Souza  & Patti Lease

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