The 30 Weirdest Roadside Attractions Right Here in the U.S.

by Tiffany Hagler -Geard

The entire house, fireplace and all, is carved into a rock in Utah's Canyonlands Country. Today, people can explore the house, shop at the gift store and explore the trading post and general store.

Hole N” the Rock, Utah

Wall of Gum, Seattle, Washington & San Luis Obispo, California

 Seattle's Gum Wall, which is located under Park Place Market, began in the 1990s with people posting coins on the wall with the help of gum. It has since evolved to just gum.

Big Duck, New York

It was built in 1931 by duck farmer Martin Maurer as a shop for him to sell ducks and eggs.

Cadillac Ranch, Texas

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Tourists have visited the ranch and vandalized the cars, making Cadillac Ranch the collaborative art piece it is today.

Carhenge, Nebraska

Farmer and engineer Jim Reinders used real cars to build the piece, including three foreign cars in 1987, all of which were later removed and replaced with American cars.

Salvation Mountain & Slab City, California

 Today, some people even live in this free campsite that used to be a World War II base with their own makeshift homes. They have a community library, clubs and a golf course.

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