A Complete Ranking of Trader Joe’s Holiday Sweet Treats

By Kenzie Mastroe

Peppermint Mini Marshmallows: "They're good on top of a cup of hot cocoa but they're not going to knock your socks off."

Winter Wake Up Tea: "It’s a slightly spicy black tea with cinnamon, ginger, orange peel and cloves added to the mix but the flavor was a little too delicate for my taste."

Pomander Orange Cake: "You would definitely need to pair it with a coffee or some espresso because it’s not quite moist enough to eat on its own." 

Chocolate Peppermint Loaf:  "It was easy to make, nice and moist and while it was definitely chocolately, there wasn’t as much pepermint as we would like. "

Scandinavian Tidings Gummies:  "They taste pretty much like Swedish Fish but are ever so slightly more gummy in texture. "

Minty Mallows:  "We tried them straight out of the box and they were tasty, but they are much better as a topper to your hot cocoa. "

Boozy Little Truffles:  "If you participate in a secret Santa gift exchange at work, these would make an excellent little gift. "

Trek Mix:  "It’s too sweet for me to want to grab for a quick snack during the day but I would definitely chow down on this as a quick dessert after dinner."

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