The Best Trader Joe's Holiday Appetizers

By: Kenzie Mastroe

French Onion Soup Bites: "I added a hefty amount of sea salt to these and it completely transformed them."

Pimento Cheese Puffs: "I am so torn on these! I loved them but I think they are just too spicy to be served as an appetizer."

Cornbread Bites: "The sweetness from the corn was the perfect counter balance to the chile’s heat."

Uncured Bacon Wrapped Dates: "You really couldn’t taste the goat cheese because the sweetness from the dates was so overpowering."

Truffle Dip and Scalloped Cracker Trio: "Every single cracker flavor (rosemary, red chili and garlic) was fantastic."

Mini Quiche: "This box comes with two flavors of quiche — mushroom and Swiss and bacon and sweet onion."

Creamy Roasted Cauliflower & Onion Dip: "I was not expecting this microwaved dip to be nearly as good as it was."

Pastry Bites: These little cups have everything you could want in a bite-sized appetizer — super flakey and buttery pastry crust, sweet (but not too sweet) onions and salty feta.

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