These 27 Gorgeous Photos of Black Mothers Breastfeeding Are Sending a Revolutionary Message

“Milk & Suga is a showcase in celebrating significant joys of Black motherhood,” Tika Sumpter tells SheKnows.

“When I discovered I’d be a mom, I didn’t see spaces where we existed to embody the pleasures of this journey,” Sumpter adds. “Milk & Suga Summit is carving out a space I wish I saw back then.”

“We are not made up of only our pain and trauma; we need and deserve sweetness,” Sumpter explains.

"It’s our right over our bodies to do what we want with them. It’s revolutionary to breastfeed and unload that shame which was never ours to bear.”

“There is a significant disparity in the rate at which Black mothers and White mothers breastfeed,” Thai Randolph tells SheKnows.

“My milk didn’t come in as much as I would have wanted, and my daughter Ella was a greedy eater! I was also exhausted. I quit. I truly wish I knew of a community  to encourage me to press on.”

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