The Most Romantic Movie Kisses You’ll Wish Would Happen to You IRL

Spiderman: Who will ever forget that hotter-than-hot upside down kiss in the rain?

The Notebook: Will we ever get caught in the rain again with a date and not think of Ali and Noah? Embrace the moment — they certainly did.

10 Things I Hate About You: Kat and Patrick share their first kiss on an unforgettable paintball date, set to the perfect tune of “Fascinating New Thing.”

Dirty Dancing: When Baby and Johnny hit a tough point in conversation, they do what they do best: dance. And then, a little more than dance.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: These two share a few memorable kisses, including their own recreation of a scene from Dirty Dancing.

Moonlight: The moonlit beach kiss between Kevin and Chiron always gives us chills.

The Titanic: Whose heart didn’t soar when Rose finally ran away from her horrible mother and locked lips with Jack on the bow of the ship?

When Harry Met Sally: After years of charming banter and loaded looks, these two finally give in and admit they’re perfect for each other.

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