Delicious Recipes Inspired By Women in History

Roast Beef and Honey-Glazed Brussel Sprouts is inspired by Kathrine Switzer, who made history in 1967 for becoming the first women ever to enter and run in the Boston Marathon.

Butter and sugar pull-apart bread is inspired by Nobel peace prize-winning physicist Marie Curie who often “worked far into the night "virtually lived on bread and butter and tea.”

Emily Dickinson wrote the entire poem of “The Things that never can come back, are several” on the back of Mrs. Carmichael’s recipe for coconut cake.

Cleopatra would serve “cakes made from figs and nuts (covered in honey)” when she truly wanted to impress her guests.

Virginia Woolf often referenced food in her writing, which included two entire pages describing “boeuf en daube” (red wine beef stew) in In to the Lighthouse.

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