Queen Elizabeth’s Most Regal Moments

By Alyssa K. Davis

The world is in shock over the death of England’s beloved, long-reigni ng Queen Elizabeth II.

As the world collectively mourns her death, we want to revisit the iconic matriarch’s most regal moments during her 70-year reign.

In honor of her extraordinary life and historic reign, read on for Queen Elizabeth II’s most majestic, monumental, and inspiring moments as Queen of England.

Queen Elizabeth's First Royal Portrait (1952)

Captured in Carriage (1952)

Coronation Day (1953)

A Confident Queen (1958)

Keeping Up With the Kennedys (1961)

Silver Jubilee Smiles (1977)

Settled in as Sovereign (1987)

Greeting Guests at a Diplomatic Corps Reception (2019)

Back Home at Balmoral (2021)

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