Best Presidential Love Stories in US History

Dolley Payne was 25 when she first caught the eye of future President James Madison in Philadelphia, and he was smitten from the very first look.

Grace Goodhue caught sight of Calvin Coolidge shaving his face wearing nothing but a hat and underwear and burst out laughing.

Harry Truman and Bess Wallace famously went to Sunday School at the Baptist Church together as children and continued their schooling together through high school.

Lyndon B. Johnson spotted Lady Bird on a trip to Texas and asked her to meet him for breakfast the next day.

Michelle Robinson was assigned to mentor her new law firm associate: Barack Obama. Barack had the bright idea that they should go out on a date, but Michelle took some convincing.

It only took them two years to marry, but Joe Biden was convinced earlier than that, famously proposing to Jill five times before she agreed to marry him.

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