The Best Moms to Watch on Netflix to Match Your Current Mood

Workin’ Moms  Best viewed when: You feel like motherhood made you a walking disaster.

Gilmore Girls Best viewed when: You’re feeling like one of the “old” moms and half wish you’d had kids when you were much younger.

The Letdown Best viewed when: You sometimes wonder what you were thinking when you decided to have kids.

Raising Dion Best viewed when: You’re just so proud of your very special child, but you wonder what it would be like if he had superpowers.

Schitt's Creek Best viewed when: You’re imagining what your children will tell their therapist when they’re adults failing to launch.

One Day at a Time Best viewed when: You want to celebrate both your family’s traditions and the many, many ways you break all molds.

Good Girls Best viewed when: You’re paying bills and stewing about how much big corporations have robbed middle class families blind.

I'm Sorry Best viewed when: You really miss having drinks with your raunchy mom friends.

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