These Childbirth Photos of LGBTQ Parents Show Love in Its Rawest Form

By Madson Medeiros

“Being able to be present for this home water birth with two incredible mamas was such a beautiful experience." — LGBTQ+ photographer Jamie Thrower

A new life, a new perspective, and a view that never gets old.

All of it — the contractions, the poking and prodding from countless nurses, the dreaded ring of fire, and the awkward uterus massages — is worth it in those first few moments as a family.

Getting into a rhythm with a newborn can be tiring and emotional. But amongst the many highs and lows, there are moments of pure bliss, like this one captured by photographer Marea Goodman,

We could wax on and on about the benefits of breastfeeding for parent and baby, but the looks on these new parents’ faces in this tender moment say it all.

It’s hard to believe anyone could start out life so tiny, especially against the enormity of new parents’ love.

Fathers Peter and Ciarán from the United Kingdom chose a gestational surrogate in the United States to make their dreams of starting a family become a reality. Photos by Dusti Smith Stoneman