Magical Christmas Books Every Kid’s Holiday Library Needs

No Christmas bookshelf is complete without an explainer on the birth of Jesus and why we give gifts on Christmas to commemorate it. 

Once you get past the green fur, this book is really about someone (the Grinch) who transforms his greed into giving.

This heartwarming tale about a kid’s magical journey to the North Pole via the Polar Express has been a Christmas staple for 30 years.

A boy realizes not all kids get presents or the celebrations he experiences and the best part about Christmas is helping out others. 

This personalized edition of The Night Before Christmas makes a treasured tale even more special.

And if you prefer to go for the tried-and-true version, you can’t go wrong with the classic.

In this inspiring tale, a 5-year-old boy named Robin has pneumonia during the holidays and writes a letter to Santa while in the hospital.

The moral of the story: Someone’s unique skills can save the day — as Rudolph’s red nose did on Christmas.

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