6 Airbnb Alternatives to Book  Your Next Dream Getaway

By Tamara Kraus

Airbnb’s become a household name at this point, but did you know there are actually a ton of other places to book a one-of-a-kind vacation rental? With many of us travel deprived, getting antsy to go somewhere besides our living room, and feeling more at ease leaving our homes—many of us are looking for alternatives to crowded hotels.


You can find a bunch of impressive, spacious (or tiny houses, if you prefer), and activity-filled vacation rentals around the globe. From cozy cabins to magical treehouses and quaint cottages, you won’t have trouble finding the ultimate vacation spot.


If you want something a little more exciting than a grungy RV, head to Outdoorsy—it’s the destination for RV, camper, and trailer rentals that are anything but average.

Plum Guide

From Beachfront rentals in the Hamptons to next-level desert hotspots in Joshua Tree, this site is overflowing with dreamy escapes that are sure to fulfill your wanderlust.


From Miami to London, Sonder offers the most pristine rentals around the world—all controlled through an app. The mobile-first service features award-winning designed spaces that boast hotel amenities without the hotel formalities—like checking in and out IRL.


Booking.com is the place to plan your next trip if you’re looking to find your hotel, flight, and car rental all in one swoop.


Agoda is similar to Booking.com, but has the added bonus of private stays similar to ones you can find on Airbnb or Vrbo.

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