Feel-Good Movies That Will Make You Smile (Even When You Feel Like Crying)

Happiest Season: This 2020 holiday story is about closeted Harper going home for the holidays to her conservative family with girlfriend Abby.

Never Been Kissed: Drew Barrymore is Josie Geller in this classic rom-com about a journalist posing undercover as a high schooler to investigate a big story.

Notting Hill: Julia Roberts is American movie star Anna Scott who walks into English bookstore owner William Thatcher's (Hugh Grant) store.

Crazy Rich Asians: Rachel (Constance Wu) finds out her longtime boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) comes from insane wealth — and strict family rules.

One Fine Day: Single mom Melanie (Michelle Pfeiffer) and single dad Jack (George Clooney) are both facing a big, can’t-miss day at work.

The Wizard Of Oz: We won’t be walking down any roads soon, let alone yellow brick ones — so live vicariously through Dorothy and her journey to Oz.

Mary Poppins: We all could use a little more magic, right?

Hunt for the Wilderpeople: Jojo Rabbit director Taika Waititi takes on the New Zealand wilderness in this heartwarming tale about a young boy and his foster father.

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