Family Holiday Recipes From Different Cultures

 "A recipe made out of the ingredients they had through the winter in Ukraine, a very poor country. Beef was only added when available, often this was a vegetarian soup."

Ukrainian Best Borscht

"Masala chai is a hot, sweet, and spiced tea enjoyed daily in Indian households. It's particularly warming during the holiday season!"

Masala Chai

"If you have an Italian friend/relative in your circle, a traditional sweet bread – Panettone – will likely grace your home. One of our fave ways for our Italo-Canadian Family to enjoy it? Panettone French Toast!"

Panettone French Toast

"I am a Latina from a border town in Texas, and we are very proud of our flan! Flan to me brings family and friends together, with warm smiles, laughter and love."


"Holutsi was served very frequently at my Grandmother's house. It was her mother's recipe, my Great Grandma, Rosa, who immigrated to the United States from Predni Poric, Galacia (today's Ukraine) in 1909.

Ukrainian Holubtsi (Stuffed Cabbage Rolls)

"Breudher is a yeasty cake that many Sri Lankan 'Burghers' make during the holiday season.

Sri Lankan Dutch Breudher

"My family eats this fried food on Hanukkah. The oil is a nod to the oil that lit the Maccabees' menorah for eight nights."

Potatoe Latkes

However you celebrate the holidays, we hope you enjoy the cultural food served!

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