Little-Known Facts About David & Victoria Beckham’s Kids & Family Life

After 21 years of marriage, their family life is filled with many memories and fun facts.

"The children are our priority and everything we do revolves around the children. And very seldomly are we both away at the same time."

"I had always liked the name Brooke and then we suddenly thought about Brooklyn. I’d always like it as a place – it’s very multi-cultural, very grounded."

When talking about who disciplines their kids, Victoria revealed they both do. “To be completely honest, we both are [disciplinarians].

Unlike some celebrity parents who keep their kids away from the camera, Victoria and David Beckham don’t mind being in the limelight as a family.

We've watched the Beckhams grow through the years!

In an interview from Harper’s Bazaar UK, Victoria shared that no matter what, the family always eats dinner together.

Victoria has registered all four of her kid's names with intellectual property authorities in Britain and Europe according to the BBC.

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