What It’s Like Trying to Get a COVID-19 Vaccine In The U.S. Right Now

"According to Rhode Island’s timeline, I will be eligible in mid-June. I feel strongly that teachers and anyone in an education or child care role should be eligible."  — Diandra K., High School Teacher

"We got an email that vaccination scheduling had been suspended. Later on I found out that allegedly they had allowed people who weren’t supposed to get the vaccine yet to get it before everyone that qualified for phase one." Joyce S., Biologist & Infectious Disease Lab Technician

“Vaccines are supposed to be available through local pharmacies and caregivers. But where I live, there are no appointments available anywhere I’ve looked."  — Sarah P., Food Production Team Member

“The vaccine rollout has been frustrating for me as an immunocompromised person who has really struggled through this pandemic, and is still not eligible for the vaccine in my state." — Sydney J., Art Director

“Most of my clients are high risk, but the inaccessibility and lack of appointments makes me feel bad because I got my vaccine way before most of them." Brittany A., Social Worker  & Caregiver

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