Insane Conspiracy Theories About Meghan Markle

Meghan’s increased “secrecy” around her pregnancy with Archie convinced the public that she was hiding something — like a doll rather than a real baby in this photo.

Many still believe her intention to marry Prince Harry was to gain political influence in America through the royal family. 

Meghan has long been suspected of hiring a surrogate for Archie, and having faked her highly public pregnancy with a fake belly.

Some believe Meghan was funding fake followers at the beginning of the Sussex Royal page to cement her popularity over Kate. 

And second, others believe the royal family intervened when it seemed the Sussexes might actually overtake the Cambridges follower count, and ensured that wouldn't happen.

Some believe the relatively small number of Meghan defenders are a hoax, and that Meghan herself has been posing as these "friends." 

Some allege that Meghan specifically sought out Diana's exact perfume, watch, and clothes to subliminally trick Harry into falling for her. 

With theories like these, who needs TV?

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