Celebs Get Honest With Their Kids About Racism

"I realized that it’s just time to be really clear about these things and start the conversation, of course in an age-appropriate way..."  — Alicia Keys

"When it comes to them being treated differently because of the color of their skin, I’m going to look to John for a lot of help with that..." — Chrissy Teigen

Kerry Washington told Jimmy Kimmel that she wants to teach her children about Black history by beginning long before slavery.

“I went to the Internet and looked up kids’ books about racism. I got a biography about Harriet Tubman for kids, one about Martin Luther King Jr... ”— W Kamau Bel

"One thing we’re doing is talking about skin color and explaining to them how it would feel if somebody was mean to them because of their skin color." — Justin Baldoni

“I read a chapter called 'Why White Parents Don’t Talk to Their Kids About Race' in a book called NurtureShock, and it was a lesson in ‘don’t ignore things.'” — Kristen Bell

“A system that protects me but might not protect my daughter — or any other man, woman or child in our country based on skin color — is intolerable.” — Angelina Jolie

"Please talk to your children about racism, privilege, bigotry and hate. If you aren’t talking to them, someone else is.”  — Reese Witherspoon

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