Celebrity Couples Who Have Huge Height Differences

 Former NBA player Chris Bosh is 6’11” while his wife Adrienne Williams is an extra-small 4’11’.

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson fulfills the petite gymnast stereotype at 4’11”. Her football player husband Andrew East, meanwhile, is 6’2”.

Jason Momoa’s hunky Dothraki-turned-superhero bod measures an impressive 6’4”, while his petite actress love Lisa Bonet is just 5’2”. 

At 6’2” Will Smith is relatively tall, but Jada’s 5’0″ frame is especially diminutive. 

Shakira's 5’2” stature makes her soccer player husband Gerard Piqué look like even more of a colossal figure than his 6’4” frame otherwise might. 

At 5’7” Savannah Brinson is taller than the average woman, but when you’re standing next to 6’9” Lebron James, that still looks pretty short.

Kristen Bell is practically a pocket-sized 5’1” while hubby Dax Shepard is a proud 6’2”,

Reese Witherspoon packs a lot of spunk into her petite 5’1” body, while her talent agent husband Jim Toth is a foot taller.

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