Celebrities Who Share a Famous Ex

By Delilah Gray & Julia Teti

Brad Pitt is the common ex to Jennifer Aniston & Angelina Jolie


True bisexual panic is not knowing who to fawn over more: Lenny Kravitz, Jason Momoa, or their mutual ex,  Lisa Bonet.

Ryan Reynolds was once married to Scarlett Johansson and is currently married to Blake Lively

Jennifer Aniston is the mutual ex of  Justin Theroux & Brad Pitt

Ben Affleck really likes the name Jennifer as he is the ex  of Jennifer Garner and current partner to Jennifer Lopez

Demi Moore is a mutual ex of actors Ashton Kutcher & Bruce Willis

Blake Shelton is the ex of Miranda Lambert and current partner to  Gwen Stefani

It seems as though Sandra Bullock has great luck on thriller movie sets, where she met two of her exes: Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Gosling.

Chris Martin is the ex-husband to Gwyneth Paltrow and current partner of Dakota Johnson

Justin Bieber dated Selena Gomez and is currently married to Hailey Baldwin

We know this story all too well but Taylor Swift once dated Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer

Johnny Depp was once with Winona Ryder and then Kate Moss

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