Celebrities Who Gave Their Babies Animal Names

By Rita Templeton


Animal baby names are not mainstream enough that your kid will have a Bear in every class, but they're also widely recognizable enough that most people (English speakers, anyway) will have no trouble saying or spelling them.

Check out more celebrities who've chosen to name their little ones after animals!

Liam Payne named his child Bear Grey

Macklemore named his child Colette Koala

Lauren Conrad named her child Charlie Wolf

Zooey Deschanel named her kids Elsie Otter & Charlie Wolf

Alicia Silverstone named her child Bear Blu

Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet named their son Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha

Jessica Simpson named her daughter Birdie Mae

Nicole Richie & Joel Madden named their kid  Sparrow James Midnight

Busy Phillipps named her kids Birdie Leigh &  Cricket Pearl

Kate Winslet named her child Bear Blaze

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