Best Podcasts For Teens That Parents Won't Hate

By Jennifer Mattern

Radio Rental brings you true, real-life creepy stories

Spooked revels in firsthand accounts of the paranormal, told by souls who have experienced them — and still "can't believe" what's happened

Run by two hilarious sisters, Franklin and Susie Cota, this is a safe space for any teen girl

Socially Awkward is full of interviews that will surely remind them that they are not the only ones walking around this planet feeling like a complete freak

Mortified is a storytelling podcast in which adults share the most humiliating things they created as kids and teens

What's Good Games is an informative, funny podcast all about video games.

With a focus on weird events, overlooked stories, and underrepresented groups, Stuff You Missed In History Class is educational, too

Stuff You Should Know is just that: stuff everybody should know, served up by Josh and Chuck in the most entertaining fashion

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark swap fave tales of murder and heroism, as well as talk candidly about mental health and the importance of trusting your gut as a young woman

The TED Talks podcasts have become perennials

The Breakfast Club features DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne Tha God tackling pop culture and political madness, especially blowups related to race and diversity

Who Would Win is A geek and comedy podcast that debates battles between superheroes and villains

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