These Black & Biracial Dolls Are Gorgeous — & Important

American Girl Wellie Wishers Doll: Her name is Kendall, and she has dark brown eyes and curly black hair in pigtails.

Vitiligo Barbie: Fashionistas line includes dolls with a wide variety of skin tones, hair textures, body shapes — and a beautiful Black doll with vitiligo.

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures Nikki Doll: Nikki is a dream fit for a dreamhouse.

Mixed Chicks’ line of multiracial dolls is here to remind everyone that mixed girls rock.

Herstory Dolls: Each doll comes with a notepad and writing utensil for kids to create an original story about them.

Named after the Egyptian ankh, which means “life,” Biankha Dolls encourage Black kids to love their natural selves.

Your little ones can play with their Cute Little Crumbsnatchers Handmades dolls in the rain, snow and sand.

The U.K.-based Lola Love Dolls provide a diverse collection of Black dolls, including dolls in jihab and this beauty.

Shop these Black and biracial dolls.