Baby Names We Hope to Never Hear Again After 2021

By Lisa Milbrand

Delta: Sorry, Kristen Bell (who gave her daughter this name): Delta may be forever associated with the particularly virulent version of COVID that circulated for much of the year. 

Karen: Thanks to the multitude of memes equating Karen with an over-entitled woman demanding to speak to the manager, we've probably seen our last generation of Karens. Ever.

Ghislaine: This unique French name is basically only known for its association with the socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, forever entwined with sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein. 

X Æ A-12: We never got a definitive answer as to how they pronounced it, but this is what Elon Musk and Grimes named their child — and this kid'll likely be the only one given the name, ever.

Grogu: Baby Yoda has a better ring to it. And Grogu only works as a pet name, not a baby name.

Alexa: A whole group of older Alexas are actually suing Amazon for turning their lives into a nightmare where they're constantly being asked things like "Alexa, turn on the lights." If you're thinking of giving your little one this baby name, probably don't.

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