Powerful Photos Show Arizona Moms Normalizing Breastfeeding Against the Odds

How do you normalize breastfeeding when nothing about the lives of mothers is normal in 2020?

""Some of these moms had their baby during this pandemic and had never been in public to feed their baby," photographer Alicia Samone said. "They all wanted to make a statement that it's normal, no matter how they breastfeed, how long they breastfeed, where they breastfeed, and why."

Samone made sure everyone complied with COVID safety measures.

In 100-plus-degree heat, we hope people stop asking moms to cover up when breastfeeding.

Moms and their kids should decide how long they should breastfeed; not society.

This pumping mom made her own statement.

Samone's photos make it seem like she isn't even there while mom and baby have their time together.

Dad and sibling support Mom as she feeds her toddler.

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