The Best & Most Affordable Mental Health Apps

By Ashley Jankowski 

Everyone deserves access to the mental health care they want and need. But if you haven’t noticed, it can be extremely difficult to find affordable or in-network mental health resources that fit within our weekly schedule.

That’s why we’ve researched the best mental health apps on the market that won’t break the bank.  Read on for more!

Worry Watch works almost like a revolving door for your anxieties

Moodnotes provides an intuitive journaling platform for you to begin to organize the emotions you’re experiencing and to understand their triggers

This app has been proven to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD and to promote feelings of optimism and resilience as you work your way through fun challenges.

Sober Grid allows you to connect and share posts with other members of the sober community in your area.

This app combines cognitive behavioral therapy) and acceptance commitment therapy to help you break down any harmful thought patterns and reframe your worries and emotions.

The app invites you to keep a thought diary to understand some of the trends in your emotions and also to develop a self-help plan for emergency situations.

This app allows those who are recovering from eating disorders to record meals and to track thoughts and feelings surrounding food in order to gain insight into your emotional trends and overall progress.

New to the meditation game? You can now explore free guided meditations focusing on everything from reducing anxiety to promoting positive body image

Want to keep track of your moods without chronicling every moment of your day? Daylio allows you to do just that.

Initially designed for active service members, this app walks you through simple breathing exercises to reduce anxiety, stress and anger in tense situations.

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