Meet the Mandleys

Jun 11, 2013 at 10:38 a.m. ET

David and Christina Mandley's lives have been one big adventure since they first got together.

The Mandley's

They're ready for their next big adventure!

David and Christina Mandley's lives have been one big adventure since they first got together.

David and Christina Mandley met 10 years ago at Santa Clara University in California’s Bay Area. Although they started out as just friends, it didn’t take long for something more to develop. “I totally thought he was the hottest guy, and then he backed it up with being by far the best person I have ever met in my life,” said Christina. They've been married for five years.

“We love to travel,” said Christina, adding that the couple loves to get outside. “Our most recent trip abroad was to France and Switzerland to watch the Tour de France and go hiking to base camps on the Matterhorn, but that was a few years ago. Lately we've been obsessed with Colorado, and [we] take our 17-foot travel trailer with us whenever we can, and go camping.”

They don’t go anywhere without their Bernese mountain dog, Kali, in tow. Christina refers to the dog as their firstborn, but isn’t worried there will be any issues when the baby arrives.

Christina is a manager on the corporate strategy team for a pet supply company in Phoenix, a job she’s held for the last five years. When she’s off the clock, she likes to hang out behind the lens of her camera. “I have been taking random black and white photos since the beginning of this year with a feeling that I might be pregnant, and might want to document random moments in our life during this time,” she said.

David has worked for a real estate investment and management company in Scottsdale for five years. His job requires him to travel between Scottsdale, San Francisco and Seattle, but he does get to spend most of his time on his home turf. “His office is close to our home and I'm looking forward to seeing him during lunch while on maternity leave,” said Christina.

When he’s not stuck behind a desk, David is an avid mountain biker. “It totally fits in with our outdoorsy style, so we incorporate a lot of our camping trips with races he has done,” said Christina. “He also loves skiing, and actually taught me — and we didn't break up! His passion for sports gets me, the less competitive sports driven person, to get out there and give things a try.”

The couple is always on the hunt for their next adventure, and the baby they are expecting will be their best one yet. “The most exciting aspect of bringing home a baby is the idea that we are starting a new generation in our family. It is an odd feeling knowing that your parents have you and now we are going to have our own kids,” said Christina.

The new mama-to-be knows that bringing home a baby will not be without its challenges. “The biggest challenge I think we'll face is dealing with lack of sleep — I’m a pretty heavy sleeper and love my sleep, so that will be interesting. Dave is a lighter sleeper, so I think a lot of times he'll be nudging me to get up or he'll bring the baby to me,” she said. “And then, just travel logistics in general. Neither of our families are here in town, so now any time we travel, it will be a lot different with all of the stuff and then eventually paying for a third flight — ouch on the wallet!”

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