DIY photo timeline ideas

Jun 11, 2013 at 2:50 p.m. ET

Capturing and memorializing the timeline of someone's life though photos, whether they are one or 100, can be a fun and creative endeavor. Here are three fun ideas for the next time you want to create a photo display or want to document a time of your life in a unique, creative way.

First comes love, then comes marriage

First comes love

If you are lucky enough to have been grade-school or even high-school sweethearts, this is a fun photo timeline to display in your home. Scan your kindergarten and wedding pictures, as well as your baby's best headshot, convert them to black-and-white, and have them printed at a professional lab. Then, using modest framing supplies, such as wrapping paper and washi tape, frame up your pictures. Painting your frames all the same color creates unity for the design.

12 Months of greatness

Clothesline timeline

Perfect for a photo display for baby's first birthday, this timeline is clothesline inspired. Simply cut out triangles from cardstock, write your message, and attach it to clothespins using hot glue. String some twine between pushpins and hang your pictures. A main, current image hangs in the center.

Clothesline timeline

Mom's wedding dress

wedding dress timeline

When your children are growing, subtle changes are easy to overlook. Taking a monthly — or even annual — image in the same location or in the same piece of clothing can serve to highlight even the smallest of changes. As shown, we take a picture of my daughter in my wedding dress every year on her birthday. When she was one, she could barely hold it on, and now it almost fits. I plan to make a book of these photos for her when she turns 18.

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