How to photograph your nursery

Capture baby’s nursery in its best light. Here, we share photo tips from the mom photographers behind some of the most popular nurseries on Pinterest.

Clear the clutter

Nursery for Little P

Photo credit: Megan Carty

“You really should scoop up any stray toys and books and stash them out of sight,” says Megan Carty of Me and Wee, the mom who designed and photographed the gorgeous nursery above. “This will make a tremendous difference in how your nursery appears in photos.” Carty recommends hiding all the little things like wipes and creams and only leaving in the essentials to make the space look homey. Eliminating all the distractions lets the camera focus on the design elements of the room.

Use natural light

Copeland's Nursery

Photo credit: Amanda Michele Photography

Turn off your flash and use as much natural light as you can. “I was able to capture the true colors in that room because of the natural light pouring through the windows,” says Amanda Penrose of Amanda Michele Photography, the mom who designed her son Copeland’s nursery, above. Make sure you open the curtains or shades all the way, and take photos at the time of day when the light in the room is brightest. Penrose also recommends setting your lens to its widest setting to allow for more light.

Explore angles and perspectives

dog in nursery

Photo credit: Michele Murray/The Lovely Bits

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Michele Murray of The Lovely Bits suggests getting down on your hands and knees for some shots. Not only does this give the perspective of a child, she explains, but it also helps to make the room feel larger. “Usually nurseries are the smallest room in the house or apartment, so it’s nice to use tricks to make it seem larger, not only when decorating, but also when shooting.”

Capture the details

nursery photo details

Photo credit: Alexandra Evjen/AVE Styles

“Nurseries now are filled with small details that mean something special,” says Penrose, “so be sure to get close-up shots of those special details along with the full room shots.”

Use a quality camera

Rowans nursery

Photo credit: Jen Loves Kev

Becoming a mom is the perfect time to upgrade your camera (not only to photograph the nursery, but also your gorgeous kids). If you’re thinking of stepping up to a DSLR, the newly designed Canon EOS Rebel SL1 delivers the quality of a digital SLR without weighing you down. In fact, it’s the world’s smallest and lightest DSLR.

Quick Tip:

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Photo credits: Megan Carty, Amanda Michele Photography, Michele Murray/The Lovely Bits, Alexandra Evjen/AVE Styles, Jen Loves Kev


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