Tips for creating memorable baby videos

We don’t have to capture every waking moment to create a truly memorable baby video.

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With a little bit of planning and the right equipment, creating a memorable video of your baby is not as hard as you think.

Magical moments

Everything a baby does is precious, but there are specific moments and milestones that are great to get on camera.

The miracle

Close-up shots of your child’s tiny fingers, curious eyes and perfect little ears will be treasured forever. Record those early days, because it won’t be long before your baby is much, much bigger!

The milestones

Almost daily, your little love will amaze you with something new. Make a list of milestones — both big and small — of which you’d love to have a permanent record, including first bath, first smile, first tooth, first cereal…

The family

Videotape your baby with loved ones, such as big brothers and sisters, Grandma and Grandpa, the family dog. And turn the camera over to someone else every now and then. You and your child will want to look back one day and remember how Mama loved on her baby.

Moving montage

Using videos and photos that you’ve taken over time, you can create a memorable tribute to your child’s baby days.


We love both still photos and moving images, but we don’t love the idea of having to switch from one camera to another. The simple solution is to invest in a camera that can do both, like Canon EOS Rebel T4i. ($1199, Canon)

Date everything

You think you’ll remember everything, but you won’t. Use your camera’s date stamp, a shot of a date on a calendar or your video narration to forever mark each moment in time.

Add music

Your baby is a superstar and doesn’t require fancy backdrops or lighting. Adding some music to your video, however, will forever record how you were feeling when you created this wonderful tribute to your child.

Making memories

Once you’ve created your masterpiece, it’s time to share it with everyone!

Burn to disc

Make DVD copies of your baby video and share them with godparents, babysitters and anyone who has special ties to its star.

Upload the video

Use the power of YouTube to turn your baby into a superstar. Unless you specify otherwise, YouTube videos are public. If you’re particular about who views it, then make sure you adjust your privacy settings.

Start a tradition

Make an attempt to create a new video for each year of your child’s life. You’ll treasure them forever.

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