Celebrity secrets: Award show beauty tricks

Here’s a little something that will blow your mind — celebrities are just like us! They have bad skin days, dark circles and hair that just won’t stay curled. The only difference is they have a team of beauty secret agents working for them at all times. Sure, they might have a certain amount of natural beauty, but so do you! Enhance your gorgeousness with these red carpet secrets to help you look your best.

Kerry Washington's Emmy makeup

Hairspray to set makeup

Yes, really! There are hundreds of makeup-setting sprays on the market, and they might work great, but odds are you have one of the best makeup-setting sprays already sitting in your medicine cabinet. Hairspray helps set your hair in place, and it can also help set your makeup. Useful especially in humid temperatures, avoid the face meltdown with a quick spritz of hairspray to the face. Aerosol sprays work best, as they won’t leave the face feeling tight. This trick is most useful for oily skin that isn’t prone to breakouts. Hairspray can settle in pores and create acne, so approach this tip with caution.

White eyeliner

Red, tired eyes will never be in fashion. After a long work night (or a long play night!), break out the white liner, but go easy! Only line the bottoms of your eyes to awaken your look and cover any redness. It will instantly make tired eyes look refreshed and ready for the day.

Peppermint to plump lips

Collagen-injected lips are a thing of the past. Get plumped-up lips, without resorting to drastic cosmetic procedures by using peppermint extract. Simply apply a small amount to the lips with your finger and wait for it to dry before applying your regular lipgloss or lipstick. Add a dash to your gloss for an all-day way to plump.

Eye drops for acne

Do you have a red spot that just won’t go down? Skip the harsh over-the-counter acne remedies for something you probably already have on hand: eye drops! The redness-reducing drops will have the same effect on your skin, reducing swelling as they reduce redness.

Hemorrhoid cream for bags

This one might sound a little gross, but just remember: it’s a cream like any other. And boy, it can do wonders! Dab a bit of the cream under your eyes before applying makeup. It will tighten the under-eye area without feeling “tight.”

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Today on the Daily Dish, celebrity makeup artist Allison Pynn, shows us how to apply false eyelashes the right way.

Photo credit: FayesVision / WENN.com

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