Red carpet hairstyles for fall

With the Emmy Awards right around the corner and celebrity events happening all the time, let’s talk about the latest trends in red carpet hairstyles for fall. You can easily recreate these looks yourself for a party, special date or other fall event.

Whether you’re looking for a classic updo or would rather wear your hair down, we have something for everyone this fall.

Polished ponytails

Many of us wear ponytails as an everyday, casual look. However, they can also be glamorous enough for the red carpet. For a fall event, create a ponytail that is neither too high nor too low. Pull your hair into a ponytail that is just above the center of the back of your head. Your hair shouldn’t have a part at all. Use an elastic band that’s as close to you hair color as possible and, to hide it even further, wrap a piece of hair around it.

Quick tip:  With ponytails (and most updos), your hair will be easier to style and stay in place longer if it’s not freshly washed.
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Kim Kardashian's high ponytail

High ballerina buns

High ballerina buns

Ballerina buns have been hot for a while, and we’re going to see even more of them this fall. To get this look, simply pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Then, twist and wrap the end of the ponytail around the base of itself and secure with bobby pins.

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Super shiny hair

Super shiny hair

We got a sneak peek at this trend during the Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week. Models from the Christian Dior, Marc by Marc Jacobs and several other shows wore neatly-parted styles that looked ultra-clean and shiny. We’ll see this look at red carpet events this fall, and you can mimic it at home with the help of hair serum or a gloss treatment.

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Half-up, half-down

Half-up, half-down

Instead of a traditional updo, the half-up, half-down look is trendy for fall. To get this simple style, straighten your hair with a flat iron (or curl it with a curling iron, if you prefer). Take a section from the left front of your hair and twist (not braid) it and pin it back. Repeat with the right side. This is an easy, romantic hairstyle that is perfect for the red carpet or an important event.

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Zoeey Deschanel with blunt blangs

Blunt bangs

No one says you have to wear your hair up for special events. If you are going somewhere special this fall, consider leaving your glossy, straight hair down. Blunt bangs are in, so if you’ve been wanting bangs, now is the perfect time to get them.

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From the expert…

David John, master stylist and colorist at Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in Los Angeles, weighs in with his expert opinion on what’s hot this season.

“For fall, I’m seeing very clean, sleek hairstyles without much body or fullness — sleek, shiny, smooth hair. Also, shorter boyish styles on women or clean, graphic shapes with some texture. Translated to event styling… sleek, smooth, shiny, low ponytails and low chignons with strong partings, possibly a few braids. On the opposite spectrum we may see a few big retro bouffant updos, which will be fun!”

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