Emmy-inspired beauty: How to avoid hairdo meltdown

After you’ve spent hours perfecting your hairstyle, the last thing you want is for it to fall out of place at the first sight of a humid room or a gust of wind. Celebrities know the trick to keeping their hair exactly where they want it. Make sure you always look red carpet-ready with these tips to help avoid a hairdo meltdown.

Christina Hendricks at 2011 Emmy Awards

Spray, then curl

If you’re curling your natural hair with no product, the odds that the curl will stick are slim. Increase your chances of a day-long look by simply spraying each section of hair with hairspray before applying the heat of a curling iron. Make sure you spray the hair a good distance away — you don’t want the sections to be soaking with hairspray. We’re going for curly, not crunchy. Once you hold the curling iron in place for your desired amount of time, move on to the next section. Once your entire head of hair is curled, you can then lightly brush the sections individually for a more natural look.

When in doubt, use bobby pins

Now that you have your desired style, full of volume, shine and curl, make sure it stays in place with bobby pins. This might sound like simple advice for an updo, but you can keep other hairstyles voluminous with these little metal wonders. You might think your hairstyle is complete, but hair takes a bit to set itself into the style for the day. If you know you want your hair swept away from your face, place a few bobby pins pinning it back temporarily, then make your morning drive. By the time you get to work, your hair will be trained to be pushed back for the rest of the day. Work the hallway like your red carpet!

Mousse it up

Using mousse before blow drying your hair is a great way to get all the hold of a curl without the stiffness. Simply apply to the roots for lift, then to the sections you want to keep in place. Blow dry and brush thoroughly to ensure no “crunchy” sections are left behind. Then, curl and use hairspray as usual. This way, you have a little extra weapon on your side to get you through those humid and hot days.

Get a cut designed for your style

If you’ve tried everything to keep your hair in place and nothing is working, head to the hairstylist and tell him the look you want to achieve. It might be that your current cut is too heavy to support loose, beachy curls, or perhaps you’re using too heavy a conditioner. Layers can help lighten your style, allowing for gorgeous curls to come through.

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