Meet ChefMom Kat

Kathy Bouska, aka Mama Kat, is cooking in the ChefMom kitchen.

Kat Bouska

Kat is a mom to three kids and the blogger behind, Mama’s Losin’ It and a contributing editor to SITS.

She was inspired to begin blogging back in 2007, not only because of her life-long love for writing, but also as a way to stay connected to her work experience as an English teacher.

Kathy is particularly savvy at integrating humor and heart into her posts, as evidenced by her wildly successful Writer’s Workshop. In order to participate in this weekly meme, bloggers select a topic from a series of writing prompts, create a post, and then link to Kathy’s site in order to increase their own web traffic.

When not working on her blog or on Twitter @mamakatslosinit, Kathy keeps busy as the owner of a daycare business and as an Account Manager for BlogFrog.


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