Summertime safety tips for the family

Summer brings some of the best things in life — sun, warm weather, flowers in full bloom and fun in the water! But heading out by your local pool, lake or beach offers a series of potential dangers to the entire family — especially young ones. Here’s how to keep your entire family safe near the pool this summer.

mom and toddler on boat

Watch kids near water

This is the number one safety tip to prevent water struggle and potentially even death. One in five people who drown each year will be a child, according to the CDC, and often it’s due to a lack of supervision. Don’t leave your kids alone in the water — not even for a second! If you have to leave the pool’s side for a moment, ask someone else to keep an eye on your kids. It might be a mild inconvenience for them now, but it’s not worth risking your child’s life.

Floatation devices

When your kids are in the pool, simple arm floaties might be enough to do the trick to keep them above water. If they’re in the ocean, they might need a little bit more protection. If the family decides to take out a canoe or speedboat, be sure to put lifejackets on little ones. They might be able to scale the 3-foot-deep water in the family pool, but if they happen to fall into a large body of water, they might not know what to do. A lifejacket will help to prevent any catastrophic incidents.

Wear safety gear

If you plan on taking the family out on a bike ride, skating, skateboarding or any other road sport, be sure to suit up in safety gear. Falling on a bike can be painful — being hit by a car on a bike can be fatal. Wearing helmets, elbow pads, knee pads and more will prevent bumps and bruises and potentially life-threatening injuries. Remember, it might not look “cool,” but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Boat safety

If you’re out on a boat, you might get the urge to cool off in the water. As the boat is idling, it will put off carbon monoxide from the exhaust. Be sure not to swim around the exhaust. This can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which causes headache, confusion, fatigue, seizures, nausea and loss of consciousness. In some instances, it has even caused death. Be sure to keep kids away from the back of the boat and be sure to look for signs of sickness. If you see the signs, seek medical attention.

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