Water sports for the whole family

Making the most of your vacation means embracing your surroundings and all of the unique features your destination has to offer. Plenty of getaways offer beach, sun and fun, but what do you do when you’re done lying out and playing in the sand? Get on the water! Here’s how to get the entire family involved in water sports.

family canoing


Perfect for younger kids and adults alike, canoeing is a mellow way to get out on the water without exerting too much effort. This way, you can have conversations and bond with the family, all while having fun. Canoes only fit one to two people, so if you want the entire family out on the water, you might have to rent extra units.


Bring the family boat on the water or rent one for a day. Attach a rope with an inner tube at the end. Then, speed up and go wild! Unlike water skiing, tubing requires no skill. The only requirement is that you hang on! It’s perfect for young kids who are just learning to be familiar with large bodies of water.


In calmer waters, sports shops offer paddling packages, where vacationers can stand on a board and paddle around the water, getting tons of exercise and practicing their balance without going into more tumultuous waters. It’s great for young kids, or adults who just want a leisurely day and some sun.

Jet Skiing

The kids might be too young to hop on a Jet Ski by themselves, but put young ones on the back of the Jet Ski as you ride for a good, speedy time for everyone. Jet around to see the sights of the beach, or play a fun game of splash with the other party in your Jet Ski pack.


Some of the best pro surfers in the world learned how to get up on a board in their younger years. Perhaps it’s time to foster your child’s budding fascination for surfing. Many areas offer easy surfing zones, where you won’t have to worry about massive waves. Instead, take the family to enjoy the baby waves, learning to get up on the board while bonding with the family.

Water skiing

If you’ve mastered the art of tubing, it’s time to get up on your legs! Water skiing is the most traditional of water sports, and by the time you get up on your skis, you’ll know why. It’s a bit of an art to learn to control your legs, but once you do, it’s huge fun for everyone.

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