Family fun at the park: Packing checklist

Heading to the park with the entire family can be a fun and memorable experience, but it only takes one packing misstep to put a damper on the entire day. Make sure you’re prepared. We’ve put together a list that will make sure you never leave the house without the park day essentials.

family park picnic


The last thing you want during a fun park day is red, peeling shoulders. When your kids are in pain, they’ll show it and undoubtedly, a fun day at the park will turn into a car ride home. Apply sunscreen before you leave the house and keep a bottle in your bag for touch-ups. Sunscreen can be splashed and sweated off, so touch-ups are crucial to making sure your skin stays nourished and burn free.


If you’re having a picnic, you’ll already have a meal planned. But once the meal is done and kids are burning energy, you’re bound to be answering to some hungry bellies. Packing light, yet substantial, snacks like peanuts, trail mix and more will ensure the kids don’t burn out before you’re ready to head home.


Whether it’s a Frisbee, buckets for building sandcastles or something else, toys are a great way to make sure the kids don’t run out of things to do. Once they’re done on the slides, give them some toys to keep them entertained for hours. They get to let their imaginations run wild and you’ll have some quiet time to yourself.

Sports equipment

Bring a basketball, volleyball, baseball and more to the park and take advantage of wide open spaces and courts to play your favorite games. Let the kids get in on the action. A swift game of volleyball will get little hearts pumping. It’s great exercise and a healthy helping of family bonding fun.


Being in the sun is great, but being thirsty is not. Make sure you’re prepared with a cooler full of cold drinks like water, juice and soda to keep energy levels high and bodies cool. If your park allows it, you can even bring along a few adult beverages for yourself and your significant other. Keeping properly hydrated is key to making sure bodies stay energized and avoid becoming lethargic.

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