Family beach trip checklist

When you’re on vacation, or even just looking to get away at the beach for a few hours, there’s nothing worse than forgetting a crucial commodity the whole family will undoubtedly need. Worry not! We’ve compiled a list of the essentials so you’ll never forget again. Before you walk out the door, grab these things.

Mom with beach bag


It seems like a no-brainer, but after you get your swimsuit on and pack up a bag of other essentials, sometimes you’ll notice that you’ve forgotten this fundamental beach-time accessory. You’ll need a towel to dry off, cover burnt shoulders and to lie in the sand. Don’t leave home without one for each member of the family. Undoubtedly, at least one of them will end up soaking wet.


Pack light but substantial snacks that will keep the family packed with energy without feeling weighed down. Peanuts and other nuts are a great option, or even trail mix. The sweetness of chocolate candy paired with protein-rich nuts will keep the kids going for hours. You might also want to pack a sandwich for each member of the family. Beach vendors can be expensive. It’s better to make a $1 sandwich at home than buy five $7 sandwiches later on.

Drinks in a cooler

Don’t be left thirsty and panting in the summer sun. Prepare with a mix of beach drinks, including ice cold water, juice, soda and more — all in a cooler that will keep your drinks and cold treats freezing cold and perfect for refreshment. Don’t forget to snag some ice when you’re at the grocery store! Coolers can keep cold drinks cold without ice for a while, but ice cranks the chill level up a notch.


Yeah, we know you want to go for that bronzed beauty look, but it won’t look so hot when your chest and shoulders are peeling thanks to a vicious sunburn. Be prepared! Bring along some sunscreen, even if it’s minimal protection, for yourself. Snag a higher SPF for the kids and members of the family who burn easily. You don’t want those precious soon-to-be-memories to be clouded by memories of sunburn pain.


Whether it’s a bucket for molding sandcastles or a set of plastic golf clubs for a fun game of beach mini-golf, packing toys ensures kids don’t get bored once they’re done with being fascinated by the water. You can also bring along some of their typical toys like building blocks and plastic dolls that won’t be ruined by the sand.

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