5 Family fun games for the beach

Perhaps before you had kids, you needed nothing more than a towel and the sun to enjoy a nice beach day. Now, you’re a one-person fun factory for kids who need constant entertainment to keep occupied. Still, the entire family can have fun in the sun with these wholesome, classic beach games.

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Sand mini-golf

One benefit of being near the beach is that you have sand to work with. Sand is moldable if damp — perfect for a round of mini-golf! Stop by your local drug store and pick up some inexpensive plastic golf clubs and balls in the toy aisle. Then, head to the beach and build your own golf course! Dig holes, create obstacles and reward winners with cold ice pops and prizes.


Perfect for playing with big kids, beach volleyball is a by-the-water classic, where players can snag sun and tons of exercise at the same time. If you have smaller kids, feel free to set up a volleyball court of your own, using a small, makeshift net of your choosing. Smaller kids might do better with plastic bouncy balls, sold in big bin stores for about $1, than an actual, heavier volleyball.


This one can involve the entire family — even the family pooch! Bring your dog and kids to the beach for a round of Frisbee. You can make up your own scoring system, or just beat the beach breeze and hone your throwing skills. Practice how far you can throw, or just play a game of catch. The Frisbee possibilities are endless!

Super soaker tag

Spread out and hide — a water gun is coming to get you! The entire beach is your playground. One part hide-and-seek, one part tag, this water-blasting game keeps spirits high and brings out the entire family’s competitive side. Find unique places to hide and even get other beachgoers involved!

Sharks and Minnows

Hop in the water and become a predator! “Sharks and Minnows” is essentially a game of hide-and-seek in the water, except for one major twist — grownups must be blindfolded! That way, the unfair advantage of being big, strong and fast is leveled out by your inability to see your “prey.” Once a “minnow” is found and captured, he then becomes the shark to hunt and capture his very own minnows.

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