Family pool toys that make a splash

Diving rings and rafts are timeless pool toys, but if you really want to crank up the heat on summer fun, check out these hot pool toys the whole family will enjoy!

kids playing swimming pool

Bathtub ball

Winner of the “2012 Parents Choice Award,” the Bathtub Ball by BeginAgain makes a a great toy in the pool too! The toy includes a natural rubber “shark tank” ball, a shark diver, two sharks and an octopus. When items are placed under water, bubbles come out of the diver’s scuba helmet, the “tank’s” hexagon openings, the sharks’ gills, and the octopus’s mouth. Available at select Whole Foods locations, or at BeginAgain Toys.

Lego speed boat

Kids love to build, and this Lego speed boat delivers on family bonding, educational value and pool time. Build the boat poolside with your kids, and then release it to set sail. Not only does it actually float, it features a mini sailor to man the vessel and a realistic moving motor! For just $5, it will become a staple item in the family pool bag.

Illuminating noodle

Willan Johnson, CEO of VivoPools, says the hot trend in pool toys is all about toys that light up and glow in the dark. One of his favorites for 2012 is a twist on a pool classic. The Light Up Show Noodle by Can You Imagine is just like a “traditional noodle,” but puts on a light show in your pool while you float. For less than $20, it features three different LED light show modes that never burn out, and an “on/off” switch to conserve battery life.

Lit launchers

Perfect to capture all the attention when you “go long!” or add some kick to a nighttime pool party, Johnson’s other top pool toy pick, the Light Show Water Launcher by Can You Imagine, will be a pool favorite for kids and adults. At just $7 each on Amazon, these launchers sail up to 30 feet through the sky, and change colors as they go.

Spinning squirter

Add a remote control and the element of a surprise water squirt, and you have a winning pool toy combination! The Remote Control Spinning Squirter by International Leisure is shaped like a flying saucer that floats in the water. The remote control moves forward and backward, spins and allows controllers to squirt at targets from as far as 100 feet away.

Water board

If you have skate board fanatics and aspiring surfers ages 8 and up, they’ll love the Subskate by SwimWays. With a patented design that allows for underwater traction, this 24-inch water board lets kids work on their cool skater moves while cooling off.

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