5 Practical laundry room fixtures

Who cares that the kids’ socks are piling up — with the right tools, your laundry room can tackle it all! If your laundry room is all washed-up, it’s time to give it a boost. Try these five fixtures to pump function and style back into one of the most-used rooms of your home.

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Sorters and drying racks

Organization is key when it comes to task-oriented spaces in your home — laundry room included! In a room that cycles through loads and loads of the family’s clothing, things can quickly get out of control. Tame the beast with laundry sorters and drying racks that keep clutter at bay! The Whitmore Laundry Center from Target offers all-in-one storage solutions for dirty loads to wash and clean ones to sort. Best of all, you’ll iron less since clothes can go straight from the dryer to the hanger, rather than sit crumpled in a basket.

Storage boxes

Finding a home for tiny objects can be challenging, so use storage boxes to organize the items you need. Use large storage boxes to hold extra linens, cleaning supplies and household maintenance items and use smaller boxes to hold the odds and ends that can easily clutter your space. The Skubb storage set from Ikea would be great for holding stain-remover sticks, fabric softener sheets or even lost socks.

Washer and dryer

Let’s face it — there will always be clothes that need cleaning, no matter how many loads you’ve washed along the way. Laundry is a chore on a cycle: Wash, dry, fold and repeat. Why not make that cycle more enjoyable by splurging on the washer and dryer of your dreams? Who knows, you might even start enjoying your time in the laundry room with your brand new LG appliances!

Glass canisters

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of your favorite laundry cleaning products don’t keep style in mind when designing product packaging. To conquer the unsightly build-up of laundry room products, store dry soaps and stain-removers in glass canisters like this set from Crate and Barrel. Add decorative labels to clearly identify each product and display your canisters on an open shelf above your appliances.

Broom closet

It makes perfect sense to keep household cleaning products in a room designed for cleaning, but without proper storage these items will seem out of place. Keep these products under wraps by storing them in a broom closet. The Elite Garage/Laundry Room Broom Closet from Wayfair provides enough space to store your mop, broom, soaps and sprays. Plus, its modular design allows you to customize your storage needs. Combine two or three cabinets to create the perfect amount of storage for your favorite cleaning products.

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