Top 10 dream laundry rooms on Pinterest

They’re fab, they’re gorgeous and they’re featured all over the web! If you’re planning a laundry room makeover, don’t miss out on the hottest designs taking Pinterest by storm. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, shabby chic or French country, we’ve got the top ten laundry rooms to inspire your room’s transformation!

organized laundry room

Warm and neutral

This basement laundry room (Original pin source) refuses to be dark and dreary. Warm, neutral colors create a space where laundry isn’t a chore. Floor-to-ceiling curtains keep the room from feeling cramped, while creative storage options keep things organized.

Crisp and white

This white-washed laundry room (Original pin source) uses cabinetry to stay neat and tidy. Though it’s small in size, painting the cabinets the same color as the wall gives the illusion that the space is larger and white finishes throughout the space make the room feel open and airy.

Fun and energetic

If anyone thinks that laundry isn’t fun, this lime green laundry room (Original pin source) begs to differ. Go ahead, break the rules! Paint a vibrant color on the walls, then mix-and-match colorful patterns. Make the laundry room a place you want to be!

Soft and blue

For a subtle look with a touch of color, choose painted cabinets (Original pin source) in a soft robin’s egg blue. It’s a great way to add color into small, tight spaces without feeling heavy. To get this look, use front-load, high-efficiency appliances, like the LG TurboWash front load washer. That way, you can create a workspace for folding right on top.

Rich and warm

When in doubt, let nature be your guide. Gain inspiration from the warm colors (Original pin source) of the outdoors to create a welcoming space. Reds, browns, oranges and yellows are great for laundry rooms with a window that brings in sunlight. Plus, when you open up the curtains, you won’t know where your room ends and nature begins.

Country charm

Painted cabinets, open shelving and wicker storage baskets all combine to give this laundry room country charm (Original pin source). Best of all, this look can easily be recreated with vintage items you find at second-hand shops. Use mason jars to hold clothespins, laundry detergents and other cleaners and bring in some potted plants. Keep adding small, country-themed items over time and before you know it you’ll have a quaint space for your laundry.


When space is tight, use inspiration from this multi-tasking laundry room (Original pin source), where cabinetry becomes the key to a great design. There’s no rule that says laundry should be washed in a dark room at the back of the house, so break the mold and bring your laundry room out in the open.

Soft and elegant

This cozy space uses curtains (Original pin source) to keep clutter at bay. Not only is this a budget-friendly storage solution, it brings softness to an otherwise course room. Combine soft linen fabric with reclaimed wood surfaces for a whimsical, cottage-inspired laundry room.

Tucked away

Built-in cabinetry is great for keeping your home organized, even when it comes to the laundry room. Try hiding appliances (Original pin source) behind cabinet doors to keep laundry out-of-sight and out-of-mind. This works well in homes without a dedicated laundry room or in tight spaces like condos and townhomes.

Boldly printed

Use bold wall paper (Original pin source) as a backdrop to a sophisticated laundry room. Because laundry rooms are typically small, you won’t break the bank with the splurge. Stretch your dollars even further by using a stencil to paint a decorative pattern on the walls or ceiling.

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