5 Cool kitchen cabinets

Are you thinking about a kitchen makeover for your home? Not sure where to start? Choosing the perfect cabinet style for your home can be tough, but knowing your options is half the battle. We’ve got five cool cabinet options that are just what you need for the kitchen of your dreams!

kitchen white cabinets

Kitchen with white painted cabinets


Regardless of your style preferences, painted cabinets are a popular choice. Choose a glossy finish for modern style decor or a distressed finish for a rustic feel. To play it safe, choose a crisp white. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to the other finish selections throughout the space. Or make a bold statement by choosing colored cabinets. Balance the look with neutral counter tops, stainless-steel appliances and a neutral backsplash.

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Kitchen with natural wood cabinetsNatural

To create a warm and inviting kitchen, opt for a natural wood or bamboo cabinet. Visually balance the space by pairing the warm, natural tones with cool grays, soft blues or refreshing creams. With deeper, red-toned cabinets, avoid using deep reds or maroons throughout the room’s decor. Instead, choose a complementary color, such as green or blue, to keep your decor from clashing.

kitchen with glass front cabinetsGlass

One of the most challenging aspects of kitchen design is accessorizing, so take the hard work out of it with glass-doored cabinets. Let the items you use each day serve as home accessories, too! Choose a color scheme, then look for kitchen items that fall within that scheme. Look for dishes, serving platters and decorative bowls that enhance the room’s decor, or paint the back of your cabinets in a bold color and offset them with white serving pieces.open cabinet fronts

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Open shelving can be a tricky storage option to manage, but when done right it looks great and keeps the items you use frequently right at your fingertips. To pull it off, just follow this tip: Group similar items together. Pair matching colors, shapes and objects, then layer them together in a way that efficiently uses the space. Be careful not to overcrowd. Keep things simple and only display the items you use on a regular basis.

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kitchen with lacquer front cabinets

If your preferred design style is modern minimalism, then there’s no other choice than lacquer or enamel cabinets. They shine, they gleam and they spread light throughout the space. Use them in small kitchens to make the space feel larger or combine them with other elements in larger kitchens for an open, airy look. Juxtapose them with stainless-steel appliances, chrome light fixtures and white ceramic serving pieces for a look that’s out of this world!

Combined elementskitchen with mixed element cabinets

If you’re not sure which style is right for you, perhaps an eclectic combination is the best choice. Combine all these elements by mixing different cabinet door styles throughout your space. If you have a kitchen island, use it as an opportunity for a contrasting style, finish or even cabinetry color. Eclectic design is especially great for couples with differing design preferences. Compromise comes easy when mixing-and-matching the best elements of your preferred styles.

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