Bring your grill indoors

As summer arrives, so do many weekend parties and get-togethers! Pool parties, picnics, cookouts and family gatherings are just a few ways to celebrate the summer season. Food is a major staple for summer events and the grill is sure to get a lot of use. But if you’re wary of spending so much time in the hot sun, slaving over a hot grill, make things easier by bringing your grill indoors!

indoor summer dinner party

Be a comfortable hostess

While you may enjoy hosting a dinner party for close friends and family, there’s no denying that it’s a lot of work! From prep work, to grilling, to plate arrangements and decor, you’re bound to be making the rounds, especially when you’re forced to grill outdoors. Using a grilling system indoors would not only make the process more convenient, but it would also keep you more comfortable as a hostess. No one wants to be the sweaty hostess who runs from the kitchen to the patio while entertaining guests! Grilling indoors allows you to spend more time with your company and that should be a priority.

Jazz up the affair

When you’re acting as hostess, you have the opportunity to show off your serving dishes. Outdoor barbeques make using your china and silverware a risky affair. But, if you’re grilling indoors, you can break away from the typical paper plates and plastic cups to host a slightly more formal event. Go ahead and take out your favorite dishes or purchase those bright serving dishes, plates and stemware you’ve been eyeing and set up a great display that is sure to impress.

Expand your menu

Outdoor festivities can be a blast, but food served outside can pose an issue. The summer heat can cause food to spoil, limiting your serving options. Plus, it’s a hassle to cook up side dishes and desserts that will force you to repeatedly run from the kitchen and refrigerator outside to the yard. Of course, hamburgers, hot dogs and sausage are must-have cookout items, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer other options to your guests. When grilling inside with appliances like the LG Double Oven Range, you have the ability to cook a little bit of everything — burgers, baked goods and more all at the same time! That’s right, this particular indoor range offers you the ability to simultaneously cook two dishes at different temperatures, allowing for more options in less time.

Whether you’re throwing a pool party or a large family event, go ahead and grill indoors to take advantage of the opportunity to expand your menu and add a dessert item the outdoor heat normally wouldn’t allow. This peanut butter jam sandwich cookie from The Bakery Spot is a perfect sweet snack to add to your grilling party. Your guests are sure to be pleased with the variety you’ve offered.

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