Make the most of a small laundry space

At times, you may feel defeated by the challenges of a small space. A small area with great potential that’s often neglected is the household laundry room. Luckily, a little decorating, new appliances and proper storage are easy ways to jazz up your space while keeping it functional.

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Everyone tends to enjoy a work space that is easy on the eyes. Simple decor in a small space will make for a large impact. Wall decals are one current ‘decor hit’ and come in a variety of colors and styles. Use decals to add a fun design to your current wall color or jazz things up more by painting an accent wall to make your decal pop! The process to apply and remove these decals is simple and smooth, so you can change them as frequently as you’d like.

Wall decals are not the only type of decals that can be used in this space, there are also appliance decals and covers that help to make a room and your appliances very chic. If there is limited wall space, the option to add an appliance cover or skin is a great alternative.

Another great idea is to choose proper paint and decor colors. Light and cheerful color palettes such as white, blue and yellow will help to make your laundry space appear slightly larger.


When it comes to convenience in your laundry room, appliances should be a major, if not the most important, factor to consider when maximizing your space. With convenience also comes a quicker laundry plan. Having the right machine will make it easier to move through your pile of laundry, allowing your small space to remain clutter-free. A machine such as the LG TurboWash washer would be ideal for many due to its high efficiency. With the ability to wash clothes 20-minutes quicker on those larger loads, laundry is that much less of a chore! When choosing the style of a machine, look for appliances with a clean and sleek look. A clean display, sleek appearance and the convenience of larger, faster loads all help to create a highly functional space, no matter the size.


The biggest challenge when working in such a small space is where and how to store your items. Detergent, the iron and the typical laundry room odds and ends seem to get in the way. Simple storage solutions such as shelf units, bins and baskets will help keep items aligned. Keeping the decorating suggestions in mind, label your bins or line your baskets with coordinating fabrics. Martha Stewart offers a how-to for lining your laundry basket, another great idea. Don’t be afraid to use multiple items together when storing. Bins and baskets displayed on a storage wall unit not only help keep you organized but also frees up additional space to work with. When adding a wall shelf unit, consider one with a small section to hang those special fabric items to allow them to dry properly.

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