6 Summer traditions for families

Summer is all about spending time with your family. Make it special by starting one (or more!) of these great summer traditions for your family.

Family on beach vacation


Book a vacation with your family every summer. It doesn’t matter where you go, just go. Pack up the mini-van, purchase plane tickets, get your bags packed and take off. Hit the beach, visit a lake, go to the mountains — it doesn’t matter. Get away from everything, have fun and spend some time together.

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smoresGo camping

There’s nothing like camping on a summer night. You don’t have to go far — pitch a tent in your back yard. Cook over a fire, tell scary stories and sleep in sleeping bags. It’s a great way to ring in the summer or bid it farewell, but make it something you do at least once every summer season.

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Have a picnic

Families should always try to eat together at least once a day. During the summer months, picnics allow you take those meals to a whole new level. Visit a local park and eat your dinner on the ground, surrounded by the beauty that is summer. Soak it all up and have a good time enjoying your surroundings, but, most of all, enjoying each other’s company. How often you can pull this off depends on your schedules, but try to do it at least a few times each summer.

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Hit the water

Not everyone is blessed enough to live near the beach, but you probably have some body of water within driving distance. Take a day or weekend and visit your local body of water. Go swimming, soak up some sun, maybe even take out a boat if you can get your hands on one. It’s like taking a little mini-vacation and it’s a great way to have some fun as a family.

Go for dessert

Pick a night of the week and make it sweets night every week of the summer. Go for a walk to an ice cream shop or create something delicious in your very own kitchen. Eat it together outside. Sit on your front porch and talk about your week as you enjoy your desserts.

Work it out

Take up a hobby as a family and make it one that gets your heart rate up. Go for a walk or a bike ride as a family or hike through the woods. You’ll spend time together and get into shape at the same time.

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