Meet the McGinnis family

May 1, 2012 at 10:48 a.m. ET

Finding room for storage items was simple in the McGinnis household -- everything seemed to wind up in the master closet! From clothes to preschool supplies, their closet housed it all and soon became nothing more than a glorified junk-room.

McGinnis family

Systems analyst, Kenny, and preschool owner, Emily, know what it's like to juggle busy lives. When Emily opened her own preschool, a lot of the work came home with her. The school needed supplies, but was short on storage, which meant the McGinnis home soon became the overflow-zone.

The master closet and laundry room were greatly impacted by the needs of the business. Shelves, bookcases and other storage devices were relocated to the preschool, leaving Kenny and Emily few options for organization at home.

After sharing their space with a wave of supplies, the McGinnis family was ready for a clean break! They were ready to trade their less-than-functional space for an organized oasis of their very own. They envisioned an open and light feeling as they walked into their master closet, with a sense of calming spa-like ambiance.

The McGinnis family's wish list included top and bottom hanging clothes sections, shelving space for purses and other folded clothing, drawers to hide away under garments, hooks for Kenny's many ties, an area for belts and jewelry, a shoe rack or shoe cubbies and an area to sort the laundry without having to sit on the floor.

Watch as Sheknows HomeStretch transforms Kenny and Emily's overrun space into the organizational paradise they've always dreamed of!