Meet the Smalleys

May 1, 2012 at 9:41 a.m. ET

When saying "hello" to a healthier lifestyle means saying "goodbye" to your old baggy clothes, it's time to organize, de-clutter and spruce up the closet.

The Smalley family

This is something homeowners Brian and Daye Smalley learned all too well with Brian's recent weight loss of nearly 45 pounds!

Much to his own surprise, letting go of old over-sized clothes has been difficult for Brian Smalley. Though his journey to lose weight was successful, Brian has struggled to realize he won't need his larger clothing anymore -- a reality that doesn't leave much room in his overcrowded closet for new clothes in his smaller size.

Clearing out old clothes is only half of the Smalley family's closet dilemma -- the other half is Daye's large wardrobe and her obsession with sensational shoes! She'd use the whole closet if she could, but their current arrangement leaves her with too many pairs of shoes and no place to put them.

This outgoing and active couple is looking for an organized, clean, stylish closet that can fit both of their needs -- something that is both masculine and feminine. Daye would love a shoe palace, a place to put all of her wonderful shoes. They both also would like some drawers and storage areas since neither of them has any place to put smaller items such as ties, jewelry and socks.

With a little help from the experts at SheKnows, watch as the Smalley's closet is transformed from an overcrowded jungle into the organizational haven they've always dreamed of!